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I 801- 1850









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V, I



At the Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science held at Dundee in 191 2 the Committee which had for twenty years watched and assisted the progress of Mr C. Davies Sherborn's bibh"ographical labours presented their final Report, stating that the Trustees of the British Museum had consented to assume responsibilities in connexion with this work. The production of a second section of the " Index Animahum " as an official pubHcation of the Museum is the logical consequence of the Trustees' decision.

The first instalment, now issued, includes the Bibhography, and the commencement of the actual Index, for the period 1801-1850, which is to constitute the main part of the work.

The Introduction contains acknowledgments of assistance rendered to the author during the progress of his investigations. It is necessary for me to add a few words to express the indebtedness of the Trustees to Mr Sherborn himself, who has devoted the best years of his Hfe to this labour of love, so well calculated to Hghten the burdens of Zoologists in the future. During the many years in which Mr Sher- born has worked in the Museum his coHeagues and others have made constant use of the manuscript slips which are now reproduced, and they have repeatedly been indebted to him for assistance. It is hoped that his unremitting efforts to smooth the path of his successors will be appreciated as they deserve by a larger pubHc.



British AIuseum (Natural History), October 1921.



Thanks to the generous appieciation of the Trustees of the British Museum I now begin to print the second part of my " Index Anima- h'um " (1801-1850), of which the first part (1758-1800) was pubHshed by the Cambridge University Press in 1902.

A general sketch of the aims and objects of the work having appeared in the Introduction to the first part, it will merely be necessary to say here that the actual collection of the material has occupied thirty-one years.

The Committee of the British Association continued its services and support until 191 1, when, considering that it had exceeded its obhgations in supporting one work for so many years, it suggested to the Trustees of the British Museum that, as the work was being carried out in that Institution and the manuscript was largely used by members of the scientific staff, they should take up the burden and finish a work which it was now evident would be accomphshed provided the health of the compiler continued. The Trustees, having considered the matter, finally agreed to accept the responsibihty (see Annual Reports of the British Association, 1 897-191 2, and of the British Museum, 1914 -^ ).

The following is a complete account of the financial assistance received for the compilation of the Index during my 30 years work:

Year Brit. Assoc. Royal Soc. Zool. Soc. Brit. Mus.

Jtj ^ Ai Aj





































100 100 100



viii Introduction

Year Brit. Assoc. Royal Soc. Zool. Soc. Brit. Mus.

Xj Xj A) Xj

1911 75

1912 100 19x3 100

1914 100

1915 100

1916 100

1917 100

19 18 100

1919 100

1920 140

192 1 140

The following remarks will be of service to those who use this volume :

Noviina iitida are distinguished by the letters \n. «.].

Noniina nnda accompanied by figures, by the letters [;/. etf.\

In those cases where an author has described and figured a species some time after printing his nonien miduvi, a reference is also given to the nonien nuduni, when possible.

Species indett. (without trivial names), if figured, are included in the Index.

Misprints are quoted only if considered liable to cause confusion.

The date of publication of a species is taken to be that date on which the print in which the name appears is offered for public sale or public distribution.

No author's copy, or excerpt from any publication distributed privately before such pubHcation was offered for public sale or pubHc distribution has been accepted.

Entries taken from privately printed books are distinguished by the words auct. typ.

In all cases where the date is doubtful and cannot be definitely ascertained, the date figures are enclosed in brackets [ ], or have a " ? " or some other distinguishing mark placed against them. The date always refers to that of the actual page, so far as my researches have enabled me to decide it.

Many of my notes on dates were incorporated by B. B. Woodward in his Catal. Libr. Brit. Mus. (Nat. Hist) while his volumes were going through the press, and this work should always be consulted on biblio- graphical matters.

"In thecaseof plates which appeared beforethetext,thedateofeach is given if ascertainable ; but in no case is the date of a plate accepted in preference to the date of text, for the reasons which follow :

"The figure depicted on a plate may, or may not, be the drawing intended by the author ; it is the work of the artist, who is responsible

Introduction ix

also for the descriptive leg^end. In numerous instances the descriptive legend on a plate is quite erroneous, and has been repudiated by the author in his text. Therefore until the text descriptive of a plate appears, the names on the plate must be considered as noviina nuda, and it is open to anyone to describe and rename such noniina nuda^r

The following are the reasons for arranging the work under species and not under genera :

1. No synonymy of species is attempted : that depends on the idiosyncrasy of the systematist.

2. Any attempt at specific synonymy would be opposed to progress, as experience shows that vast changes may take place in a single year.

3. An arrangement under species permits of a generic synonymy, for by running the eye down the second column of the printed work, it will be possible to ascertain some of the generic names with which a particular trivial name has been connected.

Although much time has been expended in trying to secure the endless combinations and permutations of specific names, it is felt to be impossible for one human being to attain completeness in this direction by reason of the colossal amount of Hterature to be dealt with. Those who wish to gain this desirable result are referred to such works as the British Museum Catalogues of Birds, Marsupials, and Fossil Fishes, Brady's Report on the Foraminifera of the Challenger, Della Torre's Hymenoptera, Bronn's Index Palaeontologicus, Stiles and HassalTs Indexes to Worms, etc, where such attempts have been carried to successful conclusion. Still, a great mass of references has been here included which it is hoped will have secured all generic and trivial names, and put the searcher on the track of a more com- plete synonymy. But even in this direction the methods adopted by many authors are such as to baffle the ingenuity of the recorder unless he happen to be a specialist in each group. Objection may be raised to those cases where the trivial name is referred back to a previous genus without a reference being given. I plead for compassion. Many hundreds of these cases have been pursued only to find that the author has quoted a previous author wrongly either by name or for the genus, and the time has been wasted. I am no longer young and, regrettable though it may be to me to leave such references unverified, I know my life is limited and I must press on.

It is likely that many cases of apparently duplicate entries will turn out to be so in fact, but the entries are given because it is by no means clear from the diagnoses or remarks of the authors that they

^ This paragraph is reprinted from vol. I. The piactice now obtaiiis that names com- bined with recognisable figures must be accepted as valid.


are treating of a g-enus or species that has before appeared in htera- ture. It is for the speciahst to decide.

All trivial names are entered as if they were mascuh'ne. e.g.

nigra will be found under niger afrum afer

abdominale abdominahs.

It is obvious that no other arrangement is possible if we wish to preserve the history of a species ; but a cross-reference is given when the feminine or neuter form of the trivial word differs so much as to obscure it to those unfamihar with the dead languages.

The following abbreviations have been commonly used :

= equal to




ant. om. {ante omnia)


ascr. (ascriptum)

auctt. {auctorum)

auct. typ. {aicctoris typis)

cf. iconfer)

die indet.

diio species eodeui nomine

emend. in emend. pro errorc

err. pi'o {errorc pro) ex. ann. exeunte 1831 extremo 1831 genns caelebs

id. ac {idem ac) in animo est ineuntc 1831


not later than


first of all

according to, or, as stated by

ascribed to

of authors

privately printed


exact date unknown

two species with tiie same

name (= homonym) . emended to emendation for in error error for extremo q. v. late in 1831 at the end of 1831 genus to which no trivial

name has been attached the same as he intends to write early in 1831

iniq. mut. {nomen inique mutatnm) name unjustly changed

mejudice in my opinion

n. et f. name and figure onl)-

n. n. {nomen nudum) name only

7ion comp. {non comparet) it does not appear^

^ i.e. I have searched for this name but have noX found it.

Introduction xi

noiii. fictiiin altot^ether fictitious name

nom. ineptuui nonsense tiame

olivi formerly

/. id. the same page

post after

poster. edit. was issued later

q. V. sp. which see for species

rectius more correctly

sine typo type not given

vero propiits nearer the truth (differs from

ine jiidice in that others are concerned in the opinion)

V. et. {vide etiain) see also

There now remains the pleasant duty of thanking those who have so cordially given me assistance and helped to bring the work to an issue. Among those to whom I offer especial thanks are : Agnes Arber, Chr. AurivilHus, F. A. Bather, George Bethell, Antonio Bezzi, G. A. Boulenger, W. H. Broadbent, W. T. Calman, C. F. Chatwin, Chas. Chubb, W. S. Churms, C. Forster Cooper, W. H. Dail, Bashford Dean, Edw. Degen, J. H. Durrant, H. W. England, C. E. Fagan, C. H. Fernald, Hans Gadow, F. Du Cane Godman, P. T. Goldsack, E. S. Goodrich, J. W. Gregory, G. K. Gude, C. F. T. Hadrill, Ant. Hand- lirsch, N. Bishop Harman, Sir S. F. Harmer, Ernst Hartert, Walter Horn, W. E. Hoyle, Tom Iredale, B. D. Jackson, J. W. Jackson, A. S. Kennard, H. O. Lange, R. T. Leipe.r, Gregory Mathews, J. S. Palmer, Hubert Powell, L. B. Prout, Mary J. Rathbun, A. Reynell, S. H. Reynolds, C. W. Richmond, Lord Rothschild, Jean Roux, Count Salvadori, Sigmund Schenkling, W. L. Sclater, T. Sheppard, Sir A. E. Shipley, F. D. Sladen, T. R. R. Stebbing, Witmer Stone, E. R. Sykes, W. M. Tattersall, O. Thomas, J. R. le B. TomHn, the late Lord Walsingham, D. M. S. Watson, Thomas WeHs, Jules Welsch, W. H. Wickes, T. H. Withers, A. Smith Woodward, B. B. Wood- ward, Henry Woodward, and in a general way the Librarians of the many Libraries that have so wiUingly afforded me their advice and assistance.

There are two persons whose help has been so great that without it this work could never have been carried to its successful issue, my Mother, and G. W. Barber ; I am deeply sensible of their sympathies.

I am greatly indebted to T. H. Withers, who has kindly read my proofs for typographical errors.

Finally I would Hke to add that with the exception of about 5000 entries made for me by various friends abroad every entry has been recorded from the original, arranged, sorted, checked, and passed for



press by myself. I therefore beg the indulgence of those who use this book for any errors of omission or commission that may occur. And as the whoie work will take some years to go through the press a note of any such errors will be specially valuable for inclusion as we proceed or in the final part, in the same way as such information received since the issue of my first volume has been duly recorded in

the proper order herein.


British Museum (Natural History), london, s.w. 7.

October 1921.


[Some of these books may contain new specific names ; the favour of a loan of, or notes upon any of them, will be gratefully received for inclusion in this Index.]

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* Those marked with an asterisk have been seen since this list was set up in print Mayrhofer is 1854 (not 1844).

No sp

. nn.

= no

specific names

No n.



new species

n. b.

= not consistently binominal

n. z.

= no

systematic zoology

No n.


= no

new names




B.M. =British Museum I G.S. =Geological Society L.S. =Linnean Society R.S. = Royal Society Z.S. =ZoologicaI Society

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s. II. b

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Bibliography xix

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